Benefits of using GeoDirectory

Our experience and expertise enables organisations large and small to maximise the value of their customer information every day.

Capture addresses in a standardised format

Tired of being unsure about your data? Worried that your decisions would be better if your data was better? GeoDirectory provides the de facto standards of addressing in Ireland.

Cut out duplication and waste

Accurate data prevents uneccesary duplication, poor decision making and wasteful postal spends. With GeoDirectory it's easy to verify your customer records and keep your address directory bang up-to-date, allowing your accounts, logistics and marketing departments to operate more efficiently.

Take the first step to maximising the value of data in your organisation today!

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Discover new areas to open business

With our cutting edge technology, GeoDirectory offers advance details of future developments, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Target new customers

Knowing where your customer is can provide insights that enable you to help them, while growing your business.

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Clean up your customer list

Data, data everywhere and no information. Use GeoDirectory's unrivalled reach of over 2.3 million addresses and over 200,000 businesses to keep your records accurate. This will help you streamline logistics, processes and direct your growth path.

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Develop sophisticated analytical tools

Opportunities for analysis are endless with GeoDirectory. For example, when used in conjunction with other available data, GeoDirectory can help you analyse which buildings are most vulnerable to flood or fire, and which localities have high or low crime rates. You can also effectively target marketing campaigns on specific groups.

Speed up your distribution networks

For some businesses, getting from A to B rapidly is of paramount importance. If you are in transport or logistics, GeoDirectory could help you speed things up, cut fuel costs and impress your customers. If you are involved in distribution, this unique Irish address directory can make sure you deliver the goods fast.