GeoAddress Checked

Catch address errors and reap the rewards

Improve customer service and reduce delivery delays by adding GeoAddress Checked to your website or CRM system.

Your business is in safe hands with GeoAddress Checked:

  • Web-based address validation Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Direct automation integration with your website or CRM system
  • Linked to most comprehensive, accurate address location lists
  • 2.2 million buildings listed in Ireland


How GeoAddress Checked enhances your data and your business.

Cut costs

The average cost of a failed delivery is €14.37.*
By integrating GeoAddress Checked into your systems you guarantee accuracy and relieve pressure on your resources, most notably time and labour.

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Enable more efficient processes

On average, 1 in every 20 or 5% of online orders are not delivered on the first attempt, while 49% of people say they would shop online if they felt more confident about the delivery.
Ensuring you have the correct address data on file speeds up your customers’ interaction with your business and safeguards fast, reliable delivery every time.

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Delight your customer

75% of shoppers say they prefer to shop with retailers that they have ordered from before.*
GeoAddress Checked facilitates easy, painless customer engagement that promotes trust and confidence in your business, delighting your customer with excellent service.

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​Increase sales

67% of site visitors will abandon your form and shopping cart forever if they encounter any complications.**
GeoAddress Checked technology is designed to assist a smooth buying experience and to encourage loyalty and repeat business. 

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** WpForms

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