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Get more from what you have. Increase sales, save time, reduce costs and enhance your own customer data in minutes.


GeoAddressFix is the easy, secure, accurate and most cost effective way to clean your customer address lists. With the most up to date information on Ireland's 2.3 million residential and commercial addresses, you can clean your customer address lists against the most comprehensive data set available on the market.


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Accurate, enhanced data

GeoAddressFix will check, verify, clean and return your data to you in a trustworthy, reliable file in minutes.

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Secure and private

We retain your data for 30 days so you can download it again free of charge, if needed. Following this, GeoAddressFix will delete any files you've uploaded, so you can be confident all data is secure.

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Reduced costs

GeoAddressFix can cut the cost of updating your address records by up to 70% when you consider wages, research time, cleaning the data, failed deliveries, and reduced efficiency.

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GeoDirectory only processes address data, personal data should not be uploaded
Upload your file, select how you want to enhance it, then download your new file with fixed and enhanced data!

Why enhance your data?

Besides cleaning your existing data, GeoAddressFix offers you a range of data enhancement services to choose from; Map Location co-ordinates, Eircodes and Business Classification (NACE) Codes. When you have greater perspective you can take much better, more informed actions.
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GeoDirectory only processes address data, personal data should not be uploaded
Map Location

Map Location

Map locations precisely pinpoint the geographical location of buildings to within one metre. You can use them to find new customers in adjacent areas and find the most efficient routes for deliveries.



Eircodes are the official postal codes for Ireland. When used correctly, Eircodes guarantee delivery to the desired destination. Within GeoAddressFix you can add or correct Eircodes in your data.

NACE codes

NACE codes

NACE codes are a European wide business coding structure. We have approximately 500 codes which cover all industry types such as retail, service, wholesale, etc. This allows you to segment your lists.

Benefits of clean data to your business

  • Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Boost revenues through new and repeat purchases.
  • Cut costs associated with poor information, for example, through failed deliveries.
  • Generate efficiencies through improved processes.
  • Gain confidence and deliver greater insights for future decision making.

No Match, No Charge.

GeoAddressFix makes a clear promise: If we can't match an address, you don't have to pay. 

No fixed fee. No set up fee. No minimum fee.

Pricing starts at just .15c per address matched.
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GeoDirectory only processes address data, personal data should not be uploaded
“As an entity regulated by Central Bank of Ireland our database needs to be updated constantly and in line with all their regulations. And as a result of using GeoAddressFix we have been able to ensure that we are compliant and in keeping with all rules and regulations.”
Sarah Milne, Senior Operations Manager, Trust Matters Financial Planning

“The GeoAddressFix service from GeoDirectory allowed us to clean a back book of insurance policies. The service assisted with the identification and geolocation of specific addresses to enable us to conduct an accurate assessment of the flood risk exposure to individual properties.”
Mark Nunns, Technical Account and Sales Manager from Ambiental
“We added Eircodes, location co-ordinates, small areas and business classification to our existing database with an over 95% match rate. A valuable GDPR compliant service that allowed us to make sure our client data was up to date and fit for purpose.”
Ann Whelan, Solv-X Catalogue
“Our sales teams access invaluable customised reports derived from the GeoDirectory dataset using mobile field applications. They find it to be an invaluable tool.”
Paul Ahern, Bord Gáis Networks GIS Manager
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GeoDirectory only processes address data, personal data should not be uploaded