GeoBuilding Intel

Helping you build a detailed risk assessment profile of any building in Ireland.

Plan and make better decisions with the most comprehensive building intelligence available.

GeoBuilding Intel delivers the inside story on any building in Ireland. It can provide you a building's age, type and location/address; Eircode, height/number of floors, BER rating and square footage of floor area. 

It also includes many valuable specifics such as rebuild cost, estimated number of bedrooms/bathrooms, building and unit use and most recent sale date and price. We are also considering adding additional insights such as landslide, flood and radon gas risk, roof and soil types and local crime statistics. 

So if you have a project or decision that involves a building in any corner of Ireland, arm yourself with GeoBuilding Intel's up-to-date and comprehensive information. We have put buildings throughout Ireland under the microscope to help you plan and execute projects faster and more effectively.

What you get

All the information contained in GeoBuilding Intel contributes to a holistic view of every building in Ireland that potentially receives mail.
Building and Ground Height

Building and Ground Height

Facilitates line-of-sight calculations for buildings to check if any other building will block your view to a known point.

Value of the Property

Value of the Property

Enables estimation of value of a property with data. Eg. The floor area, number of floors, previous sale price and type of building.

The BER Rating

The BER Rating

Extracted at Small Area level and assigned to every building within that Small Area.

Why it works?

GeoDirectory has an unrivalled location intelligence database. It’s constantly updated using:

  • An Post’s intimate knowledge of every building in every village, town and city in Ireland.
  • The unmatched technology and geographical expertise of Tailte √Čireann.

What's included?

GeoBuilding Intel includes:

  • Building height
  • Number of floors
  • Age of building
  • Square footage of building
  • Location, address, Eircode  

What does it do for you?

  • Establish planning and design with data that determines the best course of action.
  • Decisions can be made with accurate measurements to enhance surroundings for people to work, live and enjoy their leisure time in.                                          
  • Key aspects of loss may be assessed to help determine the possible financial risk posed by offering insurance cover for properties.
  • Using the building and ground height together you can check if any other building will block your view to a known point. Reduces number of on the ground site visits.
  • The sale price is available from Property Service Regulatory Authority (PRSA) and we publish the value if the sale occurred in the last two years.  Armed with this information similar properties in the area might attract similar prices.
  • Gives you the BER rating that appears most often in the Small Area and what percentage of properties are in the A – C ratings and what percentage are below C. 
  • Helps identify potential market opportunities and helps reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Aids Government agencies size the task of retrofitting houses and estimate the costs involved. 

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