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Our history

GeoDirectory was jointly established by An Post and Tailte Éireann to create and manage a database of every building in the Republic of Ireland.

With 5,600 delivery staff on the ground, An Post has intimate knowledge of every building in every village, town and city in the Republic of Ireland. Ordnance Survey has thoroughly mapped the Republic of Ireland over the past 150 years and has unmatched geographical expertise.

Together they have constructed the most powerful and sophisticated database of addresses and geographic locations.

A stand-alone database, GeoDirectory can also be synchronised with a range of GIS and mapping applications to help give many different businesses the crucial edge.

Fast Facts

  • GeoDirectory is the full database of all 1.8 million buildings in the Republic of Ireland
  • GeoDirectory provides a unique standardised postal address for every building - commercial and residential
  • GeoDirectory provides an exact geocode for each building, pinpointed to within one metre on the map
  • GeoDirectory’s database was compiled by the joint expertise of An Post and Tailte Éireann

GeoDirectory’s sector-leading products and services are::

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