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We have been in operation for more than over 20 years providing a wide range of address data products and services to organisations of all sizes to convert data into a profit making resource.

“Geocoding is now firmly embedded in all of our point of sale systems.”
Pat Kenny, AVIVA Insurance


Recognising that data is an organisations’ most valuable asset, GeoDirectory was jointly established by An Post and Tailte √Čireann.
With 5,600 delivery staff on the ground, An Post has an intimate knowledge of every building in every village, town and city in the Republic of Ireland while Tailte √Čireann has thoroughly mapped the Republic of Ireland over the past 150 years and has unmatched geographical expertise.


GeoDirectory has created and now manages a definitive reference dictionary of addresses for all 1.9 million buildings that receive post in the Republic of Ireland, assigning them with precise postal and geographic addresses, ensuring location accuracy of 1 square meter for all.


This is done by a team of data scientists and technology experts who combine the manpower of An Post with Tailte √Čireann’s cutting-edge technology. Together we build and maintain Ireland’s most comprehensive address database. 


Our data will grow the practicality and value of your own existing data by creating opportunities and insights to grow your revenues and business, providing a profitable asset on your balance sheet. When you know your data is accurate and reliable, you can be confident in the delivery your services.


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“GeoDirectory is key to our business. It’s critical to us to have a single source of truth for our address data - that the data in our systems is provided with one unique key that flows through all of our systems – so, we are able to link our customers and our potential customers to our network." 
Adam Challen, Head of IT in SIRO


“The use of GIS in insurance is the most significant development in decades, and winning insurers will be those who fully embed the technology in their business processes. Geocoding is now firmly embedded in all of our point of sale systems. The unique GeoDirectory database has been an essential ingredient of this successful transformation."
Pat Kenny, AVIVA Insurance

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