Combining An Post resources with the cutting edge location technology of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), GeoDirectory deliver Irelands most comprehensive address database product and services that will maximize the value of address data to organizations.


  • Get-in-touch to get more from your data to increase your revenue
  • Clean and enhance your data using GeoAddressFix
  • Identify customers and what to offer them
  • Increase delivery performance and customer services
  • Capture and confirm customers' addresses
  • Save mailing costs and streamline transport logistics
  • Pinpoint  new customers, maintain accurate customer records
  • Conduct sophisticated market research and risk assessment



Our expert teams have built and maintained Ireland’s most comprehensive address database. Our customised database services deliver tailored solutions to meet organisations changing needs.

GeoDirectory was jointly established by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland to create and manage a database of every building in the Republic of Ireland.

With 5,600 delivery staff on the ground, An Post has intimate knowledge of every building in every village, town and city in the Republic of Ireland. Ordnance Survey has thoroughly mapped the Republic of Ireland over the past 150 years and has unmatched geographical expertise.

Together they have constructed the most powerful and sophisticated database of addresses and geographic locations.

A stand-alone database, GeoDirectory can also be synchronised with a range of GIS and mapping applications to help give many different businesses the crucial edge.

GeoDirectory is key to our business. It’s critical to us to have a single source of truth for our address data - that the data in our systems is provided with one unique key that flows through all of our systems – so, we are able to link our customers and our potential customers to our network. - Adam Challen, Head of IT in SIRO

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Building a comprehensive database

The purpose of GeoDirectory is to create a definitive reference directory of addresses in Ireland and to assign to them accurate postal and geographic addresses.

A postal address is the address used to enable delivery of mail. GeoDirectory proposes a standard address format, which is intended to become the address format used by organisations and individuals throughout the country. Use of an agreed address format will enable faster delivery of mail and facilitate sharing of data between and within organisations.

A geographic address is a combination of East and North value which accurately position a building on the surface of the Earth. Geographic addresses, also know as geo-codes, are commonly used by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) top position addresses on maps.

For the first time ever, GeoDirectory combines accurate postal and geographic addresses for Ireland in one database and makes this database available to organisations and individuals who require it. It thus provides a basic infrastructure which will become invaluable across all industry sectors.

The use of GIS in insurance is the most significant development in decades, and winning insurers will be those who fully embed the technology in their business processes. Geocoding is now firmly embedded in all of our point of sale systems. The unique GeoDirectory database has been an essential ingredient of this successful transformation. - Pat Kenny, AVIVA Insurance

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When we updated our data and services using GeoDirectory in early 2010, we discovered that we now have an extra 30 per cent of addresses that we didn’t have before, mainly new buildings. - Darren, TESCO

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