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Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GeoDirectory?

GeoDirectory is Ireland’s most authoritative electronic register of addresses - matched precisely to their geographical locations. Straightforward and easy to use, GeoDirectory's products have helped hundreds of businesses and organisations in Ireland in reaching out to exisitng and new customers, optimising their businesses and in strategic planning and decision making. Click here to find out more about GeoDirectory's business toolkit.

What can GeoDirectory give you?

GeoDirectory gives companies and organisations the power to accurately know where both residential and business buildings are located in Ireland. GeoDirectory gives each property a standardised eight digit code. It classifies each building as being either residential or commercial. Each building is located to within a metre with pinpoint accuracy. GeoDirectory also gives further breakdowns of information such as townlands, electoral and county divisions.Through GeoPeople we can provide broad demographic data on areas, and GeoBuilding Intel can provide detail on the buildings in an area. Learn more about the benefits of using GeoDirectory for your business here.

How can I use GeoDirectory?

GeoDirectory helps businesses to operate more effectively. Our vast store of information is used to simplify the management of customer contact information and to identify potential new customers. GeoDirectory allows customers to provide internet location-based services or improve the efficiency and accuracy of delivery route design.

GeoDirectory is a powerful business tool that, alongside other data such as the national census or a company’s own customer profiles, can help identify the best sites for business location or pinpoint the most effective advertising sites or reveal geographical trends and patterns that can be visualised when displayed on a map. 

You will be amazed at what GeoDirectory can deliver. GeoDirectory is so powerful it can even identify target markets by income group, age profile, home ownership and other criteria (used in conjunction with Tailte √Čireann data). Fnd out more here.

Does GeoDirectory supply Eircodes?

Yes, we are an official reseller of Eircodes. If you are currently using our products you can request for Eircodes to be included in your data by contacting us on 01 705 7005 or contact us here.

How easy is it to manage the GeoDirectory dataset?

GeoDirectory is aimed at the medium to larger sized organisation with a need for fast, accurate information in an easy to use format. GeoDirectory comes in four separate formats to download:

  • CSV (Excel compatible)
  • Access
  • Oracle Dump
  • XML

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