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GeoFindIT is an easy to use, award-winning location application designed for iOS and Android devices with lots of fun and useful features that will help you in your everyday life. Whether you're looking to explore the top tourist attractions in your area, locate directions to your desired destination or simply check if the weather suits your plans, GeoFindIT's got you covered.

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GeoFindIT allows you to:

  • Identify the nearest parks, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, sports clubs and much more.
  • Find the latest Luas, Bus Eireann, Irish Rail, Dublin Bus times and Dublin Bikes availability.
  • Explore property prices in any area using search or augmented reality.
  • Get directions to your destination with Eircode or Address search.
  • Create favourite lists of your top spots and share locations with colleagues, family and friends.
  • View the nearby amenities and activities in any area through the lens of augmented reality.
  • Check out the weekly weather forecast.
  • Use voice recognition if you can't type.
  • Learn more about the top tourist attractions in Ireland through Wikipedia.
  • Test your knowledge of Ireland through our new in-app quiz.

Reasons you’ll want it:

  • Its free to download!
  • There are no advertisements.
  • There is no user sign in or no data exchanges, hidden or otherwise.
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Read what our users have to say:

Covid-19 life saver. Only downloaded this app recently when I went looking for my 2km radius at the start of lockdown. I love going for long walks but do have to change up my route to keep it interesting. The app was great especially when the 5km restriction came into place. I've been to so many gorgeous parks, trails and gardens I didnt know were on my doorstep" - JDOL2020, App Store Review, 2020
Excellent app. Makes great use of available geo data. - Paul Hunter, Google Review, 2019
Handy to pinpoint and navigate categories like parks and GAA clubs around you. Love the property price AR feature. - Lampostgirl, App Store Review, 2019

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