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  • Most comprehensive data available
  • The most up to date data with up to 735 records updated daily and released quarterly
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  • Unlimited use
  • Republic and  Northern Ireland data

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We have the best packages and prices on the market. Just choose what suits your needs from among our email or location codes lists to our basic and bundle packages and contact us today!

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Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How many business addresses do you have?

We currently have address data for over 190,000 businesses.

What data is included in your business lists?

You can include the business name, address, NACE code, phone number and employee size, as well as emails, turnover & employee size, and location coordinates.

How often are business lists updated?

We update 735 records every single day. At the end of each quarter we upload a full and comprehensive new dataset, ready for you to download.

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