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SIRO are a relatively new entrant to the Irish Broadband Market and they were set up by ESB and Vodafone.

SIRO will be providing a unique offering to the Irish market, with fibre running directly into each building. Their focus will be outside of the main cities.“SIRO is deploying a 100% fibre optic network to 50 regional towns in Ireland.

[We are] hoping to pass 500,000 homes in our first phase and will be delivering a service that’s capable of up to 1 gigabit per second in terms of broadband speed, which will put us on par with the likes of Hong Kong and Tokyo.”  Adam Challlen, Head of IT at SIRO.


To achieve its goals, SIRO needed a Geocoded buildings database to identify each building, enabling targeted marketing and selling, and tying each building back to SIRO’s own network.

“GeoDirectory is the main component of our master address database, which is a database of 2.2 million records in the country. Each premises is tagged with additional information relating to the premises, including the eligibility status of the premises, the status date of when it was available to retailers, and also, how we will connect to the premises.” Helen O’Carroll, GIS Specialist in SIRO.

SIRO were focused on ensuring that they sourced the ‘truth’ when it came to addressing. As an address is a piece of information that goes across all systems, it needs to be completely accurate.

”GeoDirectory is key to our business. It’s critical to us to have a single source of truth for our address data - that the data in our systems is provided with one unique key that flows through all of our systems – so, we are able to link our customers and our potential customers to our network.” Adam Challen, Head of IT in SIRO.
SIRO were focused on ensuring that they sourced the ‘truth’ when it came to addressing. As an address is a piece of information that goes across all systems, it needs to be completely accurate.

Growing the Business

The use of GeoDirectory by SIRO has moved into promoting, as well as sourcing growth opportunities by linking to business information and geodemographic information in GeoDirectory.

This project was completed using GeoAddress Smart Data
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In our roll out plan, we would go through where we’re going to build, what areas we’re going to build. We plot that against demographics – who lives there; how many homes are there; what type of services they currently have. That allows us then to plan accordingly. We then do sales projections against the built plans. - Ciaran Murphy , Product Manager SIRO

Have a look at our video below and see what SIRO thought of GeoDirectory:

Geo Directory Testimonial - SIRO from geodirectory on Vimeo.


What is GeoDirectory?

GeoDirectory is Ireland’s most authoritative electronic register of addresses matched precisely to their geographical locations. Being straightforward and easy to use it has helped hundreds of businesses and other organisations in Ireland in reaching out to customers.


What does GeoDirectory give you?

GeoDirectory gives companies and organisations the power to accurately know where buildings, residential and business, are. GeoDirectory gives each property a standardised eight digit code. It classifies each building as being either residential or commercial. Each building is located to within a metre with pinpoint accuracy. GeoDirectory also gives further breakdowns of information such as townlands, electoral and county divisions.

What is Eircode?

Eircode is the official Postcode system for Ireland. The new postcode is a mix of Alphas and Numeric’s and is seven characters in length. 

The Eircode Postcode is divided into two parts a routing key and a unique identifier. The routing key is the first three characters representing the general area and the last four characters the unique identifier. An example of an Eircode Postcode is A65 R2GF. 

What are Postcodes?

As defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a postcode is a ‘unique, universal identifier that unambiguously identifies the addressee’s locality and assists in the transmission and sorting of mail items’.

Does GeoDirectory supply Eircodes?

Yes, we are an official reseller of Eircodes. If you are currently using our products you can request for Eircodes to be included in your data by contacting us on 01 705 7005. 

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