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You’re about to expand but are you about to make a costly mistake? How can you be sure your customers are actually there before you are?

Using GeoAddress SmartData you can find potential consumers or business customers across the State. For example, if your business involves home deliveries, such as Domino’s Pizzas, you can pinpoint the precise address of everyone who places an order.  You can find out where rivals currently do business, or where they have opened new outlets.  GeoAddress SmartData can also show you where similar businesses are located. You can conduct sophisticated market analysis because our database allows you to identify where relevant businesses are. You can work out your own share of the market in each geographic area and assess the opportunities available.

Our GeoAddress SmartData is specially designed for businesses that trade mainly with other businesses, for those who compile business directories or like the bulk of our business, those that sell directly to the consumer.  We use Geographical Information System (GIS) and mapping software to deliver an electronic register of business addresses and geocodes.  We are the premier database of business addresses and geocodes with a complete commercial and geographical database covering over 200,000 businesses across the Republic of Ireland.

GeoAddress SmartData is an electronic register of every business address in the State, each pinned down to an exact geographical location. It includes;


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