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Making Home Delivery Geographically Feasible

Domino's is recognised as the world's leading pizza delivery chain, delivering a million pizzas a day in 50 countries worldwide.  At a time of busy lifestyles, the fast food business has become one of the most rapidly-growing sectors of the global economy - and is predicted to grow by 70 per cent over the next ten years.

With increased trust in online purchasing, analysts predict that online ordering will eventually overtake telephone ordering.

GeoDirectory helped Domino's Pizza create a fast, reliable online delivery service from its 30 stores across the Republic of Ireland.

Increasing time pressures on consumers and the popularity of at-home leisure activities has led to a rapid growth of the convenience food industry. Domino's has responded to this growing demand by expanding it's Irish operation to over 30 stores. This expansion, and Domino's drive to place itself at the cutting edge of fast food delivery, led to the development of its online ordering service.

This resulted in devising a website which would allow customers to:
1. Find the location of their nearest store
2. Find out whether their address was covered by a delivery zone
3. Place an online order.

For Domino's, launching their web-based service required:
1. A reliable database of precise addresses
2. A method of linking these addresses to the nearest Domino's store
3. A way of accurately recording customer's addresses for delivery.

To achieve these objectives the company required an accurate database of every building in the Republic of Ireland and the ability to show customers the location of their nearest store.

But setting up an online delivery service capable of delivering fast food to customers is a complex operation. It requires human resources. It also requires a system of storing millions of pieces of accurate information which can be sorted and retrieved in a micro-second.
We had created most of the functionality of the website, but the most critical part of our strategy was to make sure our Irish customers could easily find their delivery address for their pizza order on the Domino's website. For a long time we searched to find a company which would be able to help us. Finally we found GeoDirectory. - Jane Kimberlin, Domino's
Domino's studied the GeoDirectory databases carefully to work out whether they could be used to help customers order a pizza online.

The company discovered that the GeoAddress Locator package would allow the company to match every address in Ireland with the nearest Domino's Pizza store. Using the database it was possible to instantly calculate:
• Whether or not home delivery was geographically feasible
• The distance between the customer's address and the nearest store.

Now if you want to order a pizza from Domino's via the Web, you simply click on and key in your address.

Within a microsecond, your local store is displayed along with the menu and, with one further click, Domino's will deliver a hot pizza of your choice within 30 minutes.

With increased trust in online purchasing, companies that can do business in Ireland over the Internet using GeoDirectory can place themselves ahead of the pack.

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