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What can GeoDirectory do for you? 

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you develop sophisticated business analytical tools using the Republic of Ireland’s most comprehensive and accurate location based address database.

Designed for easy use with Geographical Information System (GIS) and mapping software, our GeoAddress SmartData electronic register of business addresses and geocodes can help:

Find potential business customers

For example, if you supply hardware GeoAddress SmartData can help pinpoint the precise locations of every tool shop in the Republic of Ireland.

Stay ahead of the competition

Using GeoAddress SmartData it’s easy to keep an eye on your rivals – where they currently do business or where they have opened new outlets.

Set up a store locator on your website

More and more people get their information online – and they expect your website to tell them exactly where you can be found. GeoAddress SmartData can help you help the public find exactly where you are.

Identify prime business locations

If your business is expanding you may be planning to open new outlets. GeoAddress SmartData can show you where similar businesses are located.

Set up directories of local or national information

When people want to find a list of bars in Donegal Town, or Chinese restaurants in Cork, or Doctors’ surgeries in Wexford, they are now going online. GeoAddress SmartData can help you set up a specialised or comprehensive directory of businesses – anywhere in the Republic.

Speed up your distribution network

GeoAddress SmartData can help streamline your delivery and sales systems by allowing you to map out the best routes for business calls.

Tag your assets

If your business has multiple sites keeping track of your staff and equipment can be a complex business. GeoAddress SmartData can help you keep tabs on your own business.

View complex business data in a visual format

Designed for use with mapping software, GeoAddress SmartData can help you visually depict complex business data in an easy-to-understand format.

Conduct sophisticated market analysis

By allowing you to identify the location of where relevant businesses are you can work out your own share of the market in each geographic area and assess the opportunities available. 

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