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What would you give to save time and fuel on your company's deliveries?

With GeoDirectory, your company can speed up your distribution networks measurably. Our GeoAddress SmartData can get your product onto the shelves and into your customers' homes, just like clients Domino's and Tesco do, more efficiently and often much more quickly. Both ways you’re making money, the public can buy your product and your van drivers aren't burning unneccessary fuel.

It’s this simple. Our GeoAddress SmartData can help streamline your delivery and sales systems by allowing you to map out the best routes for business calls.  Your drivers, unbeknownst to them, may be much closer to a drop than they realise. That’s why they can go ‘around the long way’. Let our GeoAddress SmartData be your on the ground local guide.

We have designed GeoAddress SmartData especially for your businesses. We use Geographical Information System (GIS) and mapping software to deliver an electronic register of business addresses and geocodes.  We are the premier database of business addresses and geocodes with a complete commercial and geographical database covering over 200,000 identified businesses across the Republic of Ireland. We give a unique address for every business and non-commercial organisation in the State and a precise geocode which specifies the location of each business to within one metre. Using our Locator product means you’ll never get that angry call again looking for deliveries delayed by the driver having gone the wrong way.

For other insightful information and content look at our series of expert blogs, indepth GeoView commercial or residential property reports or listen to our series of webinars. For other GeoDirectory Products visit here

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