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No business can afford duplication or waste. 

Whether it’s sending a mailshot to a wrong address or having your goods delivered to the wrong customer, this costs time, money and can make a business look bad. Get in touch now to find out how GeoDirectory can prevent this.

According to our research some business databases can be up to 50% inaccurate. Think of that in terms of wastage – 10,000 letters from a 20,000 mail drop could be going astray. Or if you’re trying to deliver parts to AAA Autoparts there’s a big difference between having them dropped in Blackrock, County Dublin or Blackrock in Cork. And still it happens. That’s when businesses don’t use GeoDirectory.

GeoDirectory has given every building in the building in the Republic its own unique fingerprint through the use of an eight figure ID code and a precise geographical coordinate. By using GeoDirectory you can make sure your company never makes another wrong delivery.  We can also help you with route planning using our coding. Your logistics team can make big efficiency gains by knowing precisely the best route to travel, cutting out going around in circles, saving fuel and time while impressing customers with the knowledge they’re dealing with a reliable supplier. Greenstar and Cork Taxi Co-op are just two companies who streamlined their operations using our database information. 

Through An Post and OSi we have 5,500 people updating our database every working day, making up to 600,000 changes to our database (due to population or business migration), every year.  Next time your logistics people say they couldn’t find an address ask yourself why you haven’t spoken to GeoDirectory yet. With prices starting from €225 it’s possibly the best investment your business can make. Get in touch or call us on 01 705 7005 now for a free, friendly chat about which GeoDirectory product would be best for you.


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