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No business can afford to make mistakes.

Business address databases can be a nightmare with some claims that databases can often be up to 50% inaccurate or out of date. This misinformation costs business both time and money.  No business can afford that.

That’s why businesses that need accurate location information need GeoDirectory. We work with An Post and OSI and have 5,500 people updating our database every working day. Due to population or business migration we make up to 600,000 (nearly a third of our database) changes to our information every year. You simply cannot get a more accurate mailing database in the Republic of Ireland.

When your business needs to find an address in Ireland you need the only database that contains precise and standardised addresses and ID codes for every building and address point in the Republic of Ireland.  That’s GeoDirectory.  We have assigned every building in the Irish Republic with a unique eight-figure ID code or fingerprint, and a precise geographical coordinate and we can supply that information in so many formats.

Tell us how we can deliver our information to you, to help transform your business. With prices starting from €225, whatever your business size GeoDirectory may well prove to be the most important investment you will make.

GeoAddress SmartData is an electronic register of every business address in the State, each pinned down to an exact geographical location. It includes;

  • A unique address for every business and non-commercial organisation in the State
  • A precise geocode which specifies the location of each business to within one metre
  • Quarterly updated information on changes to business addresses and locations
  • Businesses segmented using NACE Codes. NACE is the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community.


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