Capture addresses in a standardised format

Consistent, Standardised, Correct.

When you need to find a precise address in Ireland or your business demands a reliable database containing precise and standardised addresses with unique ID codes for every building and address point in the Republic of Ireland you need GeoDirectory.  We can supply your business with all the information you need to identify, sort and locate addresses and businesses in the Republic of Ireland.

GeoDirectory has helped many organisations, large and small, to;

  • Capture addresses in a consistent and standardised format
  • Clean up their existing address databases cutting out duplication and waste
  • Target new customers with clinical efficiency
  • Speed up distribution networks
  • Develop sophisticated analytical tools
  • Ensure customer communications are accurate, reliable and professional

We have assigned every building in the Irish Republic with a unique eight-figure ID code and a precise geographical coordinate. This means only GeoDirectory has the most accurate and up to date addresses in the country.

Whatever your business, GeoDirectory could be the most important investment you can make.  If you’d like to know how GeoDirectory is suitable for your business call us for a free, friendly about which GeoDirectory product would be best for you.

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