The easiest way to locate your ideal customer within their community

The more you know about your existing customers, the easier it is to find neighbourhoods containing others like them. A deep understanding of your customers is also invaluable in shaping the long-term strategy of your business.
This understanding is what GeoPeople offers – and what makes GeoPeople such a powerful business tool.

What you get

Our market prevailing data helps drives growth by identifying the people you want to target by a range of lifestyle indicators such as age and employment, and then pinpoints exactly where you’ll find them.

Drive Business Growth with Neighbourhood Level Insights



Identify your core customer groups and then find other parts of the country where you’re not yet serving those groups.



Gain a deeper understanding of your customer across multiple variables – eg. geographic, national census, social standing.



Reach your target audience easier, faster and more accurately with communications you know they want to receive.


  • Identify and reach your core customers wherever they are in the country.
  • Tailor your campaigns to be more specific to who your customers are by understanding them. Know who they are, where and how they live across various variables – geographic, census and social deprivation ie. level of affluence (high to low and vice versa).
  • Access greater insight into your targets than ever before with information readily at hand such as type of dwelling, era of build, areas in transformation from working class to prosperous, or working class to multicultural.
  • Use this invaluable data to shape the long-term strategy of your business and to eliminate inefficiencies.

GeoPeople categorises every address in Ireland into five broad neighbourhood clusters:

  1. Affluent
  2. Advantaged
  3. Striving
  4. Struggling
  5. Deprived

Each dimension is based on publicly available aggregated data from the national Census:

  1. Income
  2. Labour market skills
  3. Age
  4. Cultural background
  5. Family status

For even greater accuracy, these are then divided into 14 unique groups to help you to get closer to your target.

Take the first step in shaping the long-term strategy of your business today!