Webinar: Remote Sensing: Opportunities Everywhere @1pm 17th January 2019


Changes in the Remote Sensing Environment

There have been substantial changes in the Remote Sensing (RS) environment. Resolution levels for commercially available satellite imagery have improved substantially. More satellite imagery is provided free of charge, software to process and interpret imagery has improved significantly. Drones have provided a powerful new platform for RS. Plus in the near future, driverless vehicles with their many sensors and software will add another important dimension to the RS story.

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Webinar Content

In this webinar we review changes in the RS environment over the past decade; • Gaze into a crystal ball and look at the trends shaping possible new developments in the coming 5 – 10 years; • Outline business opportunities for private sector companies including background information on EARSC. • How public sector bodies can exploit the opportunities presented by RS; • Pointers on how the EO and GIS/geospatial communities can establish a more mutually supportive ecosystem.

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Background to Presenter Geoff Sawyer

Geoff has been Secretary General of EARSC since 2011 and has driven the successful development of the Association. Geoff has held senior management positions in the space industry with Astrium / EADS / Airbus. In his early career he became vice-president for EADS (now Airbus) space strategy. Previously director of EARSC he was chairman for 6 years from 1991 to 1997. He served on many EU consultative bodies and the European Commission with responsibility for supporting space policy.

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