Upcoming Webinar: An Introduction to R

GeoDirectory is excited to announce the next in our series of webinars. Talking all things ‘R’ is our guest speaker Christopher Brunsdon, Professor of Geocomputation at Maynooth University.

Professor Brunsdon will be discussing the R programming language, and its uses in geocomputation and data analytics. The talk will cover the basics for anyone unfamiliar with R, why it is an important tool for those who work with geospacial matters, and will cover some practical examples as well as the limitations present when using R.

The talk will also introduce some avenues that attendees might follow afterwards to better acquaint themselves with R, so that you can begin to leverage its power to grow your own business.

Professor Brunsdon is also Director of the National Centre for Geocomputation at Maynooth University. Prior to this he was a Professor of Human Geography at the University of Liverpool in the UK, and held positions at the Universities of Leicester, Glamorgan and Newcastle, all in the UK. He holds a PhD in Geography.

Join us to learn more about R on Thursday 22nd September, at 11am for this insightful and educational webinar. Register your place here.