“GeoPeople gives you direct knowledge into any neighbourhood in Ireland”

The official launch of another exciting addition to the GeoDirectory data toolkit recently took place during a webinar on Thursday 18th November. The latest product named “GeoPeople” is a ground breaking tool designed to help businesses across Ireland to better understand, identify and reach their core customer groupings. To watch the webinar back, please click here.

The webinar began with an introduction to GeoPeople by social and economic expert Dr. Jonathan Pratschke, with whom GeoDirectory collaborated to ensure this product was as accurate and comprehensive as possible for its users. Dr. Pratschke started off by outlining the efforts that were undertaken to ensure the information contained within the software is as clear cut as possible to ensure customers gets the maximum value from the tool.

Dr. Pratschke explained how “GeoPeople gives you a direct knowledge of any neighbourhood in Ireland” as he gave an in depth breakdown of the 14 categories, of which one or more would apply to a small area demographic. Unlike other products in this area, it uses categories and not scores, which means the user can get a better understanding of the specific demographics within any city, town or rural area in Ireland.

Pratschke discussed how the data is harnessed from the population census which is undertaken every 5 years by the Central Statistics Office and is recognised worldwide as being among the Gold Standard of Data Collection. The tool also uses information gathered from the Pobal HP Deprivation index which allows users to get classifications so detailed, it can get right down to street level.

Using a cluster map of Dublin, Pratschke presented an overview as to how a cluster was given to an area; “it’s not at all a jumble or patchwork of categories, we can clearly see a hierarchy moving outwards from the centre to the suburbs”. “As one moves further and further out”, Pratschke says, “we are looking at an x-ray image that shows the social and spatial structure of the towns, cities and urban hinterland of the entire country”.

He then concluded his presentation with an outline of the opportunities that can be achieved for businesses who use GeoPeople, such as estimating future trends and quantifying new types of risk. Finally, GeoDirectory CEO Dara Keogh joined Dr. Jonathan Pratschke with a demonstration of the GeoPeople tool in action and a brief Q&A session.

To watch the webinar back, please click here.