“Digital Earth Africa – A Data Cube Approach To Scaling The Use of Earth Observation Products Across Africa" IRLOGI Webinar


Register here to join IRLOGI and Aditya Agrawal discuss all things Data Cubes on Wednesday, 13th January at 13.00pm Irish Standard Time.

Raster Data IROGI Webinar

Vast amounts of raster image data are produced every day and how best to organise, access and use these data has become increasingly problematic. Earth observation (EO) has vast potential to provide information and insights to address national development priorities and global and regional frameworks focused on sustainability.  Unlocking this potential is now a reality, due to several trends: operational satellites are providing routine global coverage; free and open data policies remove legal and cost barriers to data access; analysis ready data (ARD) is removing pre-processing burdens from users; computing and storage costs are reducing as cloud architectures are emerging; and Open Data Cubes (ODC) that enable ready analyses of complete time-series data are able to produce rich new information.  Aditya Agrawal will offer insights and background on the deployment of an ODC for all of Africa – Digital Earth Africa.
A presentation not to be missed
 Aditya will deal with the following matters:

  • What is a Data Cube;
  • Brief history of the evolution of the Data Cube technology;
  • Use cases from Africa;
  • Issues around governance, ownership and user engagement;
  • The roadmap;
  • Where to find out more about how to build and use Data Cubes.

A little bit about Aditya Agrawal

ADITYA AGRAWALAditya Agrawal founded D4DInsights, LLC in 2016 as a mission-driven consulting firm focused on catalyzing solutions for data and technology applied to pressing global challenges including environmental issues, international development and sustainability. Aditya has 20 years of experience working across government, private-sector, academia and NGOs, and has primarily worked on issues related to data access, sharing and use across local, national and global frameworks with an eye towards innovation and impact. Several initiatives that Aditya has supported starting up and managing include Digital Earth Africa, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) and Eye on Earth. Aditya has expertise on the use of geospatial and open data and has worked on programs around the world.

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