Your media roundup of Q2 2022 Commercial Buildings Report

Your media roundup of Q2 2022 Commercial Buildings Report

Thursday 25 August saw GeoDirectory publish our Q2 2022 commercial buildings report, the 23rd such report. Produced in conjunction with EY Economic Advisory Services, the report shows the current state of the commercial buildings market, categorizing all commercial buildings, from services and retail to construction and all commercial buildings in between.

This report was commented on by many media outlets across Ireland, and by both national and regional commentators. The key topic being discussed across almost all media outlets was the overall rise in the commercial vacancy rate. The commercial vacancy rate also stands at the highest ever recorded by GeoDirectory since reporting on these topics began in 2013.

Below we have collected the pieces on the reports from each media outlet that commented for your convenience.


1 – RTÉ - National commercial vacancy rate up slightly to 13.9%

RTÉ focussed on the commercial vacancy figures provided in the report, commenting that the figures show that 15 out of the 26 counties saw vacancy rates increase in the twelve months to June 2022.


2 – The Irish Times - Energy costs blamed as commercial vacancy rates hit highest level in a decade

The Irish Times focussed on the impact the cost of energy had on the state of the commercial buildings vacancy rate, commenting “Higher energy costs are to blame for commercial vacancy rates in the Republic reaching their highest level in almost a decade”.


3 – TodayFM - Vacancy Rate for Commercial Units at Highest Level Since 2013

TodayFM also focussed on the high commercial vacancy figure and noted some of the counties with the highest and lowest changes from the previous report.


4 – Business Plus - Commercial Vacancy Rate Hits Record High Of 13.9% In June

Business plus drilled a little deeper in their commentary of the report, going down to the town level in their commentary, and looking at the sector breakdown also. They noted “The retail and wholesale sector saw the largest decline in NACE classifications with 800 fewer units year, and the broader services sector encompassing a range of economic activities recorded a decline of 952 units.”


If you’d like to read the full GeoDirectory Commercial Buildings Report or a quick 5 min read of its key points, please click here.


Other commentary on the 2022 Q2 commercial buildings report:

·         Local town records second highest vacancy rate nationwide – Shannonside

·         Meath's commercial premises vacancy rate the lowest nationwide – LMFM

·         Commercial Vacancy Rate in Tipperary increased to 14.6% in June 2022 – Tipperary Live

·         Reduction in Longford's commercial property vacancy – Longford Live

·         Commercial vacancy rate stands at 14.3% in Waterford – WLR FM

·         Offaly town has third highest commercial vacancy rate in Ireland – Offaly Live

·         Commercial Vacancy Rate in Leitrim has decreased to 16.9% - Leitrim Live

·         Ballybofey has highest commercial vacancy rate in Ireland – Donegal Live

·         Galway has Ireland’s 2nd highest commercial vacancy rate – Galway Daily

·         County Sligo still has highest commercial vacancy rate in Ireland – The Sligo Champion via

·         High commercial vacancy rates recorded in north west – Ocean FM

·         Ballybofey continues to have a high commercial vacancy rate – Highland Radio

·         Commercial Vacancy Rate in Carlow remained unchanged in June 2022 – Carlow Live


Posted: 14/09/2022 10:06:11