How to get your message to the right market segment at the right time, every time.

This title sounds far too good to be true, doesn’t it? Like there’s a magic button you can press to find your ideal customer whenever you want. Something that can help you make decisions and tell you where your customers are, how they living and what messages they might respond to.
Well what if we told you the latest addition to the GeoDirectory data toolkit can do exactly that? GeoPeople is a new tool designed to make your job easier by helping you to better understand, identify and target your key customer groupings.
The tool combines data from the most reliable and accurate sources: An Post, Ordnance Survey Ireland, the Census and the Deprivation Index. Using these, it categorises virtually every neighbourhood/local area in Ireland into five broad clusters: Affluent, Advantaged, Striving, Struggling and Deprived. For increased clarity, these are then divided into 14 unique groups.
Some examples of the predominant groups from these neighbourhoods are:
  • Striving City Singles

This group comprises of young apartment-dwelling adults from Ireland and worldwide who mostly live on their own or in crowded shared accommodation. Very few are home owners and many live in social housing or are students who rent privately. Unemployment is relatively high. There is approximately 877 of these groups in Ireland.

  • Affluent Commuter Belt Families

This group belongs to mortgage-holding families with busy professional and private lives. Many commute daily to their city-based jobs by car or private transport. There is approximately 790 of these groups in Ireland..

  • Struggling Rural Families

This group are mainly located in rural, primarily agricultural areas. More than half are married couples who own their homes outright. There is approximately 3,659 of these groups in Ireland.

It’s a really exciting development in the world of data because it blends anonymous but publicly available information on income, age, family status and other data points. Each address in the country is then assigned to its most relevant group.
To launch this new tool, we will be hosting a 45-minute webinar starting at 11am sharp where we will show you how to empower your business with all of the insights needed to reach the right market segments with the right message at the right time, every time.

Register now: Thursday 18th November @ 11:00am

jonathan.pngJonathan Pratschke, Co-Creator of HP Deprivation Index
Cutting the virtual ribbon and presenting the development of this innovative product is HP Deprivation Index co-creator Jonathan Pratschke. Pratschke worked with the late Dr. Trutz Haase, hence the HP, and their composite indicator is now used by many Government Departments, public bodies, academic researchers and private companies to identify the characteristics of local areas and populations in Ireland.

Pratschke will be on hand on 18th November with his extensive knowledge about the Irish market to answer any questions you may have in relation to accurately reaching your desired customer in Ireland. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from the expert, register now

Register now: Thursday 18th November @ 11:00am

Posted: 05/11/2021 16:36:21