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Top 3 Steps to GDPR Compliance

With only 10 days to go until GDPR becomes effective we asked GeoDirectory's CEO, Dara Keogh for his personal opinion and his advice for companies about what to do and where to start.  It quickly explains GDPR and gives some key actions. This blog opens with 3 commonly asked questions about GDPR followed by the 3 key steps:

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Future Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, however there has been a surge in development in recent years. At GeoDirectory’s 2018 Annual Conference Bojan Božić, Researcher, Computer Science, DIT gave an insightful presentation on AI - where we are now and what the future brings.

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De-mystifying Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies that has the potential to transform the way we interact with each other, redesign operating models and impact organisations across all geographies and sectors.  At GeoDirectory’s 2018 Annual Conference Lisa Simpson, Manager, Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab gave a very insightful presentation into this stellar new technology. 


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7 Top Locations to Walk your Dog in Ireland

We all love our pooches, but finding that perfect spot to take our dog for a walk that is fun, different and allows both pets and owners to socialise, can be a challenge.  It’s also important to find a place where your little pal can get the exercise needed. That’s why, the team here at GeoDirectory decided to put together a list of our top dog walking spots around the Country. 

From city parks to mountain trails, here's our top 7 spots to go walk your dog:

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Commercial Vacancy Rate Stays Stubbornly High

The GeoView Commercial Vacancy Report measures commercial vacancy rates as a proxy to economic activity. It looks to see whether the level of commercial activity has fallen, has remained the same or has risen. This indicates if businesses are opening or closing, and if all resources are being used. The key findings from this issue of the GeoView Commercial Vacancy Report are:

  • National vacancy rate drops to 13.3% (a decline of 0.2% in a year)
  • Total of 211,958 commercial properties with 28,091 of these vacant
  • Nearly 67.8% of all commercial vacant property unoccupied for three or more years
  • Sligo is the county with the highest commercial vacancy rate at 18.7%
  • Ballybofey in Co. Donegal is the town with the highest vacancy rate at 28.8%
  • Service Industry dominates with occupation of 47.6% of commercial properties
  • Leinster is the dominant region with 49.4% of all commercial stock

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