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Commercial Vacancy Rate Stays Stubbornly High

The GeoView Commercial Vacancy Report measures commercial vacancy rates as a proxy to economic activity. It looks to see whether the level of commercial activity has fallen, has remained the same or has risen. This indicates if businesses are opening or closing, and if all resources are being used. The key findings from this issue of the GeoView Commercial Vacancy Report are:

  • National vacancy rate drops to 13.3% (a decline of 0.2% in a year)
  • Total of 211,958 commercial properties with 28,091 of these vacant
  • Nearly 67.8% of all commercial vacant property unoccupied for three or more years
  • Sligo is the county with the highest commercial vacancy rate at 18.7%
  • Ballybofey in Co. Donegal is the town with the highest vacancy rate at 28.8%
  • Service Industry dominates with occupation of 47.6% of commercial properties
  • Leinster is the dominant region with 49.4% of all commercial stock

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National Average House Prices rise 9.6% as housing supply reaches over 36,000

In our end of year review of the residential property market in Ireland, presented in GeoView, we find the following keys statistics:

  • National average property price increased by 9.6% to €262,000
  • National average property price, excluding Dublin, increased by 11.9% to €188,000
  • 82% of all additional residential addresses added in 2017 were in 5 counties
  • National vacancy rate falls by 0.1% (excluding Holiday Homes)
  • National occupancy rate running at 93% (excluding Holiday Homes) and 99% in Dublin
  • Housing transactions top 50,000 with 18% of sales now of new dwellings
  • 36,218 new residential addresses added in 2017
  • 52% increase in buildings under construction in 2017

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Festive Events Around Ireland This December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! We have a fantastic selection of fairs and festivities happening all around Ireland throughout December below to help you get into the spirit of Christmas. Don't worry about finding your way there, with our award-winning, FREE app, GeoFindIT in your hand, we'll look after getting you to the exact right location. Sure, how do you think Santa finds his way?

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When we hear the word 'innovation', we often think of invention and/or technologies. While it's true that innovation includes both invention and technologies, it is much wider than the two. This blog will look at a high level understanding of what exactly innovation is, what the paths to innovation are, and what the key areas of innovation are. We will also explore how we use our business model to create and develop innovation.

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Welcome To Our GeoFindIT Page, Users!

GeoFindIT is our award-winning, FREE app available to download on iOS and Android. Download GeoFindIT for FREE right now on iOS here and Android here or click on the links below

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