National Transport Industry

Using Data To Forecast Development Opportunities

National Transport Industry

One of the main responsibilities of the National Transport Industry Strategic Planning section is to develop Transport Strategies for the metropolitan areas as defined by the Regional Economic and Spatial Strategies.  As part of this, the section reviews the current and historic development patterns for both residential and commercial areas. To this end, the NTA mainly use the GeoDirectory product as a spatial analysis tool.  The records are mapped and colour coded based on their create date and this provides a high level view of where development has occurred.

Once the current development pattern has been determined, it is necessary to forecast where new  development may occur and to assign a population growth to areas identified for development. The NTA uses GeoDirectory to understand the current residential density of suburbs, towns and villages.  In conjunction with the Local Authorities and in line with relevant Planning Policy, the NTA can assign a forecast growth in the area based on future population densities proposed in urban areas. The GeoDirectory dataset is a key component in the NTA methodology for population growth forecasting.

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