Land Development Agency

Providing Insights For Housing Development Opportunities

Land Development Agency

We use GeoDirectory’s data to enrich the State Asset Database to locate all vacant and derelict properties, which may provide development opportunities to a housing crisis. We also use this data to highlight the existing buildings throughout the country to analyse the existing housing stock to ensure we can find the right locations to provide new housing developments. We hope Local Authorities will use this tool as a means for informing all future development plans and to locate possible housing development opportunities. - Cillian Lehmann, Project Manager at The Land Development Agency
The State Land Database will be a comprehensive, live, interactive WebMap showing all State-owned lands. This will allow for better management of the State's assets, support transparency, optimise land usage and assist in greater strategic planning and urban regeneration. The Land Development Agency has a mandate to produce and update this database to ensure the State portfolio is being utilized to its greatest potential. This is the first ever public database of State-owned land. This database will provide the LDA with a tool to identify lands suitable for housing development and assist in greater communication between state bodies to allow for larger strategic developments.

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