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GeoDirectory Lights A Blue Flame Under Bord Gáis

GeoDirectory changes businesses for the better making them more efficient and therefore more profitable.

When Bord Gáis Networks implemented the usage of GeoDirectory they found more and more applications for the vast amount of data that can be mined from the source, that they were able to use that data literally from A to Z – from Asset Integrity to Health & Safety to Marketing and in many other areas in between.


Categorising potential customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and one of the key business uses that Bord Gáis Networks has for GeoDirectory is in identifying new potential customers and also categorising those potential customers by type. 

Bord Gáis Networks GIS Manager, Paul Ahern, says,
We now map all areas across the country where we have gas infrastructure and by using the GeoDirectory as our corporate address database, we can model existing gas customers (within our GIS) with a blue flame, and model non-customers as a red dot. Our sales teams access this invaluable data through mobile field applications and customised reports derived from the GeoDirectory dataset. They find it to be an invaluable tool. - Paul Ahern, Bord Gáis Networks GIS Manager
This simplifies the work of the fieldwork team hugely. As well as avoiding time wasting visits to existing customers, and avoiding what might be seen as nuisance calls, their sales team can look at GeoDirectory based maps and reports and they can immediately make all of their calls relevant. By using the NACE code contained within the dataset, BGN can target specific business types.

Optimising spatial areas

Coupled with the specialised knowledge of the energy usage of specific business activities; hairdressers or restaurants for example, the sales team can work smarter, generating targeted reports within spatial areas, making highly relevant calls to key businesses, creating a much higher conversion potential and reducing cost. 

A further benefit to Bord Gáis Networks is that their own staff no longer has to capture address data at source. The data is supplied by GeoDirectory in the many forms in which businesses require it.

As well as saving on staff costs on this labour intensive activity Bord Gáis Networks and other business customers can rely on the reliability of the data supplied by An Post and the Ordnance Survey Ireland, the two organisations behind GeoDirectory. There are over 1.8million properties, including 196,000 business addresses, in the State. The GeoDirectory is fully updated quarterly and makes around 600,000 adjustments to the database annually.

That’s why people like Paul Ahern refer to GeoDirectory as being an invaluable tool’. Why not light a flame under your sales by contacting GeoDirectory and see how information can transform your business.


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