Northern Ireland Address Lists

Take the first step to expansion; enter Northern Ireland with accurate, flexible market data

GeoDirectory Smart Data has just gotten even smarter with Northern Ireland address lists added to its datasets, maintained and updated with the help of local councils and Royal Mail.
Growing your business in new markets can be very daunting but good data is a core ingredient to improving your chances of success. Just like GeoDirectory Smart Data in ROI, each building (Primary Addressable object (PAO))  in Northern Ireland has a unique identification number to define its existence. In this case, this is called a Unique_Building_ID. This is further broken down into business or residential units. Each of these are known as a Secondary Addressable Object (SAO), identified by a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).
Our Northern Ireland lists offer key features:
Mix n’ Match

Whether you’re operating in Northern Ireland already, or you’re hoping to enter that market, GeoDirectory’s Northern Ireland lists can assist you with a focused, flexible, cost effective approach.

You can choose to overlay your address information with NACE codes (business classification) in a certain county or even town, and really cut out unwanted data. For example, you can select to target all furniture retailers in Co. Antrim, or filter that down even more to all furniture retailers in Belfast to be as focused as you wish.

GeoDirectory is the key to accessing location related data in Northern Ireland from a single point of contact. Value is truly unlocked when you combine this data with other information and implement the strategic and tactical marketing that is enabled when you have the full picture the data provides you with.


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