Updated history table coming soon!

We are planning to update the history table in the Q1 2020 data release. This will involve changes to the Geographic_Format_Changes table including:

  1. A modified layout of the table to make it simpler and more user friendly.

  2. Showing the building id’s, the old address and the new address if either exist.

  3. Showing the type of change i.e. insert, update or delete.

  4. Showing whether the address is commercial or residential. 

  5. A Yes / No flag to indicate a change has occurred on this fields to be included:

  • Indicate a change to the Eircode

  • Indicate a change in Post Town

  • Indicate a change to the NACE codes

  • Indicate a change to the Quality flag for GeoCodes

  • Indicate a change to the geocodes.

  • Indicate a change to boundary data i.e. County, Townland or ED

  • Indicate the address has moved from one building to another i.e. The Address_Point_ID is the same but the building_id has changed.

  1. Where there is an update to the address it will show what element of the address has changed.

Sample Geographic New Format Table Changes


There will also be updated Building Uses which we will update you on later in the year!