Geo New Build - Smart Data Just Got Even Smarter

GeoDirectory is delighted to announce the launch of an enhancement to its flagship service GeoAddress Smart Data. The leading Irish addresses data provider has added New Build data to the service which will see customers gaining almost instant access to new building addresses from this September on.

Subscribers to Smart Data will be delighted to hear that they no longer have to wait 3 months for the quarterly cut to receive the latest additions to the GeoDirectory dataset. The new file will be provided monthly in each of the 2 months following the quarterly product release.

Aside from new building addresses, the enhanced offering will contain buildings that have been geocoded for the first time and addresses for buildings that have been identified as no longer derelict. GeoDirectory CEO, Dara Keogh, says “customers were asking for more frequent data updates so we responded. I’m delighted we can now deliver flat files on new builds on a monthly basis between cuts to help them and to improve our service.”

The output format will be a single CSV file, zipped into a self-extracting executable and placed on the GeoDirectory Extranet site for customers to download. 

For more information or for queries relating to GeoAddress Smart Data and new build data please email