3 in 5 customers are lost at checkout

Recent research to determine online shopping behaviours and attitudes uncovered that a whopping 3 in 5 customers would abandon the checkout when shopping online if they experienced difficulty at that point. This critical information highlights the importance of a seamless e-commerce service for both customers and retailers alike.
The research, carried out by IPSOS MRBI’s Omnipoll service on behalf of leading Irish data service provider, GeoDirectory, was conducted among 1,002 participants aged 15 years and over at the end of 2020.
It was discovered that 3 in 5 participants shop online at least on a monthly basis with one quarter stating that they shop online weekly. Amongst the participants, it was revealed that women are more active online (63%) than men (58%).

Key Research Findings

In recent months, businesses have seen a significant rise in online shopping as it was discovered that 3 in 5 participants shop online at least on a monthly basis with one quarter stating that they shop online weekly. Amongst these participants, it was revealed that there is a higher level of online shopping activity within the female market (63%) compared to a slightly lower male market (58%). A large proportion of these online shoppers proved to be under the age of fifty-five, with the age bracket of 35-54 taking the lead at 75% with a close second of 15-34 coming in at 73%. A further look into this insight revealed that two factors played a key part in online shopping activity. It was found that those without children in the household were more likely to shop online (57%) and those in employment shop online more frequently (69%).

In an investigation into the participant’s experience when placing orders online, 38% of participants stated that they have often or sometimes experienced difficulties in providing their address in the required format. In what you may think would be a minor issue, a shocking 36% out of 38% of those participants admitted to abandoning cart due to the frustration experienced when completing address fields. Furthermore, this statistic clearly shows the need of a quick and easy to use online checkout process in order to keep pace with the instant gratification of customers and avoid losing out on crucial sales.

The research findings reveal that not only does this issue lead to abandoned carts but it also has significant impact on repeat custom with 3 in 5 (60%) online shoppers claiming they would stop shopping with a retailer if they experienced difficulties in completing their address at the checkout. Further reiterating the potential of the retailer losing out on a large number of sales due to a poor checkout process.

Another finding discovered an additional issue is that of delay with 76% of shoppers at some time experiencing longer than expected delivery delays of goods to their home and one-quarter claiming they experience deliveries that do not show up at all. What is hugely concerning is that more than half of all shoppers claim they would stop shopping with the retailer if they experience delays or no delivery, a high attrition rate in terms of potential lost custom. Those who shop less regularly are more likely than average to hold this view.

However, on a positive note for retailers, a significant level of confidence was expressed in the online shopping process if an automated address facility were available; a colossal 82% they would be very confident with the online ordering process if the address was automatically populated as they begin to type it in.

All in all, the research findings uncover a commonly shared expectation amongst online shoppers; a smooth and simple checkout process. In a time like now, more than ever, the online customer experience is a crucial part of a retailer’s customer satisfaction and repeat custom. Without a seamless e-commerce service, this could not only cause a high level of customer dissatisfaction but a huge, and damaging, loss of potential sales for your business.

Commenting on the research findings, Dara Keogh, CEO, GeoDirectory said “this is a real warning to small businesses who have a desire to grow their businesses online. Frustration at the checkout and delay related to a poorly formatted address is guaranteed to cause customer dissatisfaction. Our research shows that more than half of all shoppers claim they would stop shopping with the retailer if they experienced delays or no delivery. This opinion is particularly strong in less regular and older shoppers, those that one would hope to convert to regular online. shoppers. The opportunity is that they are also the group that really want to avoid bricks and mortar stores right now while Covid-19 is on the rise once again.”
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