The Pangeo Project

The Pangeo Project started as a community promoting open, reproducible, and scalable science. Now, the Pangeo software ecosystem involves open source tools such as xarray, iris, dask, jupyter, and many other packages, that are heavily used in the ocean, atmosphere, land and climate sciences, as well as in Earth observation and satellite data analytics. There is no single software package called “pangeo"; rather, the Pangeo project serves as a coordination point between programmers, researchers, software, and computing infrastructure. The Pangeo community comprises of many professional and voluntary contributors working collaboratively that provide documentation, develop and maintains software, and deploy computing infrastructure to make large-scale geospatial computing analysis easier. 

Join Dr Anne Fouilloux, Senior Researcher at Simula Research Laboratory, to learn how the Pageo Project is working collaboratively to develop software and infrastructure to enable Big Data geoscience research.

In this webinar, you'll discover:
-The software ecosystem with examples 
-The Pangeo Project current activities 
-How to engage with the Pangeo community

Watch the webinar on-demand below.
Dr Anne Fouilloux, Senior Researcher at Simula Research Laboratory
Dr Anne Fouilloux is senior researcher at the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway. Anne is an active member of the global Pangeo community in Europe which aims at promoting open, reproducible and scalable science. She is also leading the Galaxy Climate Science Workbench and the Nordic Earth System Modelling Hub.