Geospatial AI Opportunities

With the mass increase in geospatial data, it is becoming more difficult for individuals to process it. According to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Deputy Director for Data and Digital Innovation, Mark Munsell, the only way to overcome this is through machines and artificial intelligence. 

In this webinar, Bruce McCormack, Vice President at IRLOGI, and Dara Keogh, CEO at GeoDirectory, explore these new geospatial AI opportunities and what they mean to geospatial analysis. Join us to learn: 

  • How AI can work with geospatial data 
  • Top geospatial AI opportunities  
  • Future outlook of AI & geospatial analysis
Watch the full webinar below.

Bruce McCormack, Vice President of Irish Organisation for Geographic Information (IRLOGI)  
Bruce is a professional town and regional planner based in Ireland who is also involved in geospatial matters, being the Vice President of EUROGI (European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information), the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information, and Vice President of IRLOGI, the Irish Organisation for Geographic Information. He leads a EUROGI group of AI experts which is preparing a paper on ‘AI and Geospatial'.

Dara Keogh, Chief Executive Office at GeoDirectory  
Dara is a sales and marketing leader who joined GeoDirectory as CEO in 2007. Over the years he has expanded GeoDirectory’s client base and has extended range of services based on its database. He is passionate about helping clients increase their revenues through extending the use of their data by integrating with GeoDirectory’s data services