Lost Crisps We Crave

Posted: 29/05/2020 16:43:47

These days with most of us isolating inside our house we have plenty of idle time on our hands which has led many folk to reminisce about the past. Some of us here in Geodirectory would be quite the crisp connoisseur and it got us thinking about some crisps/corn snacks we would love to savour again.


Irish people dearly wish these 90s crisps would make a comeback
Definitely top of the pile is Crun Chos, the crunchy flavour filled “American Style hot Dog Flavoured Corn Snack” that were made by King. Shaped like Twiglets, no corn snack has come close to it since. Trust me if you ever get in a Time Machine and end up back in the 80’s, they will be the best 12p you’ve ever spent.


As far as flavour and impeccable crunch goes, these crisps, made in Donegal, were top of the crisp charts. The picture at the front of the pack was rather apt due to not many shops in Dublin selling them in the 80’s/early 90’s. However, if your detective work managed to track down a shop that sold them you were in for a proper treat, with the tingly flavour delighting your taste buds, while the epic crunch gave your mouth a good workout. We are sure Jessica Fletcher would give them the Cabbott Cove seal of approval.


Box of Tayto Spring Onion
While the Northern Imposters (pictured) continue to sell a Spring Onion Flavour bag of crisps, I’m afraid these are mere amateurs compared to the Premier Division ones their Southern Cousins used to make. At first they tasted a bit strange on the tongue, but as you crunched more and the flavour lingered in your mouth a world of deliciousness filled your taste buds as you savoured each crisp.


Oooh La La! What we would do to be able to munch our way through this corn snack which was made by King Crisps. Another which was loaded with flavour and many a child’s face lit up as their Mother produced them from the picnic basket on a summer day out.


These Salt and Vinegar Corn Snacks were loved and loathed in equal measure by folks back in the day; however, we never groaned when we went to the Perri Multipack and found out these were all that were left. While we would squint our eyes as we ate them such was intense ‘hit’ you got when
crunching your way through them, they were a grand accompaniment to a glass of Cidona and would be a welcome sight if back on the shop shelves.


The Cheese and Onion Flavour were head and shoulders above the other flavours in the range. It would appear that at the time they were only manufactured for the UK market per se, hence you could not get them in Quinnsworth or Dunnes back then. Many a Friday night we groaned as an intention to “just have a handful or two” ended up an hour later with an empty bag on our laps as their addictiveness saw us coming back for more and more. P.S. Sorry folks, but the KP “Crunchy Coated Peanuts” on sale in the shops now are a very pale imitation.


Tayto Craft Dry Aged Irish Beef & Peppercorn – 8x150g
While there is no contest, as Southern Tayto ARE better than their Northern Counterparts, there IS one crisp made in Craigavon we long to see sold on Southern Shelves too. The Tayto “Craft” range are a posh variety of crisp made by the Northern Tayto crowd. One of the flavours in the range that was tasted is the “Dry Aged Irish Beef and Peppercorn” Flavour. They were beyond delicious and left us querying if anyone in the office was going up North anytime soon and if so, could they bring back a few bags? So Largo Foods, (the owners of the “Southern” Tayto Brand these days) can you make our taste bud dreams come true and produce these moreish crisps for us to pick up on our weekly shop?

What Crisp, long since disappeared, would you like to see back on our shelves? Tweet us @GeoDirectory_ie with your suggestions.

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