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Posted: 11/12/2020 13:58:36

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Just Eat Awards- Best Takeaways

The winners of the 2020 Just-Eat takeaway awards have been announced. Ran by the Takeaway Delivery app Just-Eat, the awards celebrate the best in take home cuisine this country has to offer. Set up in Denmark in 2001 and recently bought by Dutch company, the Irish version of the popular food ordering app now has over 2.600 establishments offering Take-away food one can chose to order from. Like most things, LAYA Healthcare's City Spectacular was cancelled this year, including the favourite foodie event within this - Just Eat Street, where a variety of food vendors serve attendees delicious dishes inspired by different cultures around the world. We are counting down the days until we return to normality and get to experience this extraordinary foodie event again.

The Best Take Away

Top of the pile was Saba To Go in Rathmines, which took an impressive five awards in total, best overall Take-Away, best Take-Away in Dublin, Best Spice Bag, Best Curry, Best Healthy Take-Away and Best Thai Take Away in this country.The first outlet in the chain was the restaurant on Camden Street, which opened in 2006, followed by another restaurant on Baggot Street. Then came the Take-Away end of the business, which now has three premises, in the Rathmines, Windy Arbour and Deansgrange areas of Dublin.

Best Chinese

Best Chinese Take-Away went to Bamboo-court in Letterkenny co. Donegal, which was also crowned the best in Ulster. Now in its eight year of business and serving up the best of Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine, Chee Keong Look’s decision to open his restaurant/Take-Away in Letterkenny is one the locals feel eternally grateful for as they indulge in what is officially the best Chinese Style food served up in Ireland, by this passionate Malaysian-born chef/owner.

Best Indian

If flavours originating from Kolkata and Delhi are more to your liking, then you a visit to Nameste India is a must. This establishment on Dublin’s North King Street picked up the prestigious gong of Best Indian Take-Away in Ireland. First opened in 1999, in the 21 years since it has gone from strength to strength and in the process opening a second outlet on the South circular Road in Dublin 8.

Best Middle Eastern

There are those for whom nothing beats a big deep-filled Kebab on the way home from the pub. If that’s you, then Shouk in Drumcondra  is worth heading to at closing time, as it has picked up Best Take Away Middle Eastern. So come on, don’t be sheepish; why not give a Lamb Shawarma a try later, be it at Shouk or your local Kebab joint?

Best Pizza

Those living on Dublin’s Northside can get a great Pizza of the action if they head to Ballymun, where Firehouse Pizza has been declared the Holy Grail of the Italian Staple in Ireland. So whether you fancy the simple classic Margherita or fancy something more exotic like the Fiery Asian Duck from the Gourmet range, why not inch your way to your laptop or phone and order some Pizza?

P.S. As fiery as it may be, I doubt it is as hot as the debate we had amongst ourselves in Geodirectory, re: the perennially divisive issue – Yay or Nay to Pineapple on your pizza?

Best Chipper

Leaving what many in Ireland would regard as the best, till last, we move onto the humble Chipper. Romayo’s in Clonsilla Dublin 15 had plenty to Maris Pipe about as it claimed the highly sought after accolade of best chipper in Ireland. Once known as Macari’s, the family firm re-branded in 2012 to Romayo’s and currently operates close to 20 branches across Leinster. In a straw poll of GeoDirectory staff, (those that could make their mind up as to what was their favourite chipper that is) answered “Diu Lucia’s Clonshaugh Dublin 17”, “Chipmonger’s Churchtown Dublin 14” and “Matassa’s Tallaght Dublin 24” to be their favourite.

A little bit of history

In 1880, an Italian immigrant Giuseppe Servie opened Dublin’s (if not Ireland’s) first chipper on Pearse Street (then known as Great Brunswick Street). The legend is that his wife, when serving customers, would point at the Chips and fish whilst saying in Italian what translate in English to of “One and of this and one of the other?” – this is where the saying “A one ‘n’ one please” came from.
This was 9 years after this culinary delight first placed roots in London, with “Rock and Sole Plaice” still operating out of it’s Covent Garden premises to this day. While we can say for sure that the humble Chipper first originated in the UK, less so can be said as to who opened THE first ever Fish and Chip Shop. It is said that the person with the strongest claim to this accolade was one John Lees, who was said to have started serving Fish and Chips from his wooden hut in Mossley (now part of Greater Manchester)from around 1863.

However Fried fish was a well-known staple in the UK by then, with Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in Spain and Portugal having brought this delicacy with them in the 16th Century. It is reckoned that the French developed what we now know as the humble chip (hence why those stateside call them ‘French Fries’). The advent of the Canals and Train lines meant that fish could now arrive fresh from the coast to places even further away. This led to an explosion in the numbers of chippers being setup. During World War II, Fish and Potatoes were one of the few items NOT to be placed on a rationing list, so people could still head to their local chipper for a fish supper whenever they pleased -if it was not bombed by the German’s that is.

A call to action

This is now over 200 chippers in the Republic of Ireland and whether you are 4 or 40 the words “Ma’s not cooking, we’re getting chipper” still fills one with giddy delight.

So whether you fancy a Thai Green or Tikka Masala Curry, Lamb Kebab, Meat Feast Pizza or a Veggie Burger and Chips - the high quality and very tasty options are endless.So why not skip the hassle of having to cook dinner (and do the wash-up after) and Just Eat a Take Away instead?

If you want to find all of these tasty takeaways and try them out for yourself, check them out on our free location app GeoFindIT here.

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