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Keeping Sensitive Data In The Right Hands

For businesses like Irish Life Health which deal directly with the public, accurate and reliable address capture is essential.

Irish Life Health has utilised GeoDirectory to create a high - speed, dependable, and comprehensive customer database.
Irish Life Health is one of Ireland’s leading health insurers with over 100,000 customers across the Republic of Ireland. It’s a rapidly growing company and now offers access to 122 hospitals and treatment centres.

Every day, Irish Life Health call centre staff in Cork speak to hundreds of customers and potential customers. Over the phone, they carry out a range of tasks which include:
  1. Responding to queries 
  2. Renewing policies for existing customers
  3. Filling out applications from new customers
  4. Making sales calls to potential customers.

The information they gather is then used for mailing out:

  • Health insurance policy documents
  • Renewal notices
  • Marketing material to potential new customers.
That information has to be trustworthy. The professional reputation of a company can depend upon the quality and rigour of its data.

When sensitive insurance documents are sent through the post, it’s imperative that they reach the right address. And for marketing campaigns to achieve maximum impact, it’s vital that direct mail reaches its intended destination.

That’s where the power of GeoDirectory kicks in. With 1.8 million unique addresses in its database, ambiguity and confusion is replaced with clarity and precision.

By using GeoDirectory in conjunction with specially configured software, Irish Life Health call centre staff are able to refine an address at the touch of a mouse or the stroke of a keypad – even when they are supplied with incomplete or approximate information.

As they tap in the first line or two of an address, the information is instantly matched with the complete, exact address as it appears on the GeoDirectory database.

Getting the information right, every time

Every business has to keep moving forward to keep up with a changing society. Address data is constantly changing. People move home. New buildings are constructed. Older buildings are demolished. Even existing addresses are sometimes changed.

Fortunately GeoDirectory is fully equipped to handle these changes. Drawing upon the local expertise of over 5,000 An Post delivery staff, on the ground, GeoDirectory produces a quarterly update of its database, ensuring that companies like Irish Life Health can stay ahead of the game.

For Irish Life Health, further benefits of GeoDirectory include:

  1. Consistency. In all large organisations, data is compiled from multiple sources. The uniformity of GeoDirectory’s address formats means that data can easily be merged.
  2. Simplicity. With GeoDirectory, data analysis is straightforward – which means more highly-focused and cost effective marketing.

Seán Bellamy, Head of IT at Irish Life Health says the new GeoDirectory-based system has boosted efficiency and cut waste and duplication.
It’s reduced the number of keystrokes needed to capture an exact address and made the whole process of maintaining our address database more cost-effective. - Seán Bellamy, Head of IT, Irish Life Health
Seán estimates that the reduction in returned mail is as high as 55 per cent – a dramatic turnaround.

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