Ireland's Emergency Service

Accurate reliable information can sometimes be a matter of life and death.

GeoDirectory is used by Ireland’s emergency services to respond rapidly to 999 calls. When you’re dealing with emergencies, a few minutes delay can be fatal. You need to know exactly where you’re going – and the fastest route to get there.

Minuscule detail can be crucial. eg., there may be several different entrances into a housing estate – and there are times when every single second counts.

Even the more routine call-outs handled daily by the emergency services demand the highest standards of efficiency. A rapid response by the fire service to a small scale fire can prevent extensive damage to property. The speedy arrival of an ambulance can minimise suffering for someone who has taken ill or been involved in an accident.

To do their job professionally, Ireland’s ambulance and fire crews need top-quality back-up which provides them with fast and reliable information they can trust.

For the emergency services, GeoDirectory has become indispensable

It provides a fingerprint for every building in the Republic of Ireland – a unique, standardised address in the form of an eight-digit number, each pinpointed to an exact geographical location. This allows our firefighters, ambulance crew and paramedics to get to the scene of an incident swiftly and efficiently.

When you dial 999 - or the European standard emergency number 112 – from any of the 11 counties of Leinster, or from Monaghan or Cavan, you’ll be put through to the East Region Control Centre.

According to Richard Sheehan, the Senior Executive Emergency Communications Officer for the control centre, one of the most vital tasks of the centre is to immediately verify the exact location where assistance is needed.

In the past, the control centre used its own in-house address register which they had compiled with the help of the various fire authorities in the region. Richard Sheehan says: 

This was very good if you wanted general information about a location. But we needed to be sure that we were always identifying the exact property. When GeoDirectory was adopted as a national register by local authorities, we merged it with our own in-house addresses, which meant we were now able to identify the exact location of an incident. - Richard Sheehan, Senior Executive Emergency Communications Officer

Smart analytics

The emergency services also use GeoDirectory for analytical purposes – for example to identify accident hotspots, or neighbourhoods with a high fire risk. “This information can then be used for fire planning and accident prevention,” explains Richard Sheehan.

Not every business operates in the same high pressure, adrenalin-fuelled environment as the emergency services. But most businesses are striving to operate more efficiently. They need to save time, they need to save money, and they need to increase customer satisfaction

GeoDirectory can help your business operate with the military efficiency of our emergency services by providing you with reliable, accurate data that can be accessed at the speed of sound.

This project was completed using GeoAddress Smart Data.

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What is GeoDirectory?

GeoDirectory is Ireland’s most authoritative electronic register of addresses matched precisely to their geographical locations. Being straightforward and easy to use it has helped hundreds of businesses and other organisations in Ireland in reaching out to customers.


What does GeoDirectory give you?

GeoDirectory gives companies and organisations the power to accurately know where buildings, residential and business, are. GeoDirectory gives each property a standardised eight digit code. It classifies each building as being either residential or commercial. Each building is located to within a metre with pinpoint accuracy. GeoDirectory also gives further breakdowns of information such as townlands, electoral and county divisions.

How can I use GeoDirectory?

GeoDirectory helps businesses to operate more effectively. Our vast store of information is used to simplify the management of customer contact information and to identify potential new customers. GeoDirectory allows customers to provide Internet location-based services or improve the efficiency and accuracy of delivery route design.

GeoDirectory is a powerful business tool that, alongside other data such as the national census or a company’s own customer profiles, can help identify the best sites for business location or pinpoint the most effective advertising sites or reveal geographical trends and patterns that can be visualised when displayed on a map.

You will be amazed at what GeoDirectory can deliver. GeoDirectory is so powerful it can even identify target markets by income group, age profile, home ownership and other criteria (used in conjunction with CSO data).

How is GeoDirectory updated?

Every quarter An Post’s delivery staff is debriefed for ‘on the ground intelligence’. This is fed into a database by a dedicated team of support staff who are regular communication with local authority planning departments. This information is then geocoded by Ordnance Survey Ireland. We add in feedback from existing customers and then these updates are available to our existing clients free of charge.

No address database can ever remain static so every year GeoDirectory makes up to 600,000 changes (close a third of the database) as new buildings are constructed, addresses are amended or reclassified, as companies relocate and as new companies are established while others cease trading.

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