Gain access to Ireland’s largest, most accurate and up-to-date address lists.

GeoAddress provides access to 2.2 million building addresses, commercial and residential, in Ireland in an instant allowing you to connect first time, every time to create new opportunities, efficiencies and sales.


GeoAddress offers peace of mind with:

  • Access to 2.2 million commercial and residential buildings in Ireland
  • A unique 8 digit identifying code assigned to every single address
  • Quarterly updates of all address lists
  • Seamless integration of address lists with websites and CRM systems
  • Secure access and data protection
  • Ability to work even more efficiently with GeoAddress Checked

Reasons you’ll want it.

  • To gain accuracy and clarity on Irish addresses.
  • To increase efficiency through improved customer knowledge and assistance, which in turn allows for faster customer service and deliveries.
  • To open the door to your business to new opportunities and markets.

Read what users say.

“When we updated our data and services using GeoDirectory in early 2010, we discovered that we now have an extra 30 per cent of addresses that we didn’t have before.”
”GeoDirectory is key to our business. It’s critical to us to have a single source of truth for our address data - that the data in our systems is provided with one unique key that flows through all of our systems – so, we are able to link our customers and our potential customers to our network.”
Adam Challen, Head of IT in SIRO.

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