Let GeoFindIT show your 5km radius from home or work for FREE

On Tuesday 5th May the people of Ireland were given further advice on Covid-19 and travel. This advice allowed for an extension on the 2km radius restriction which was in place for the month of April, to a 5km radius in the distance they could leave their homes.

There has been plenty of confusion about this rule and what 2km and now 5km actually is. But there is a way to put all doubt to bed and to measure your 5km allowance accurately.

Developed by GeoDirectory, GeoFindIT, is available in iOS and Android in the App Store and on Google Play. It’s a free app that very clearly allows you to see your 5km radius from your home in one click so you can adhere to government restrictions and know that you are keeping yourself and those around you safe.

And as we start to re-opening business and get more and more people back to work this week, you’ll discover many more ways that GeoFindIT can be helpful. In fact, there is way more to this little gem than meets the eye. GeoFindIT locates nearby services, finds property prices in your area and provides directions among other things. What other things you might ask. Well GeoFindIT lets you:

Get there faster, no matter how you travel

GeoFindIT shows you the best route to your destination, whether you’re walking, cycling, driving or using public transport.

Use voice activation if your hands are full

If you can’t type, then talk. You can search GeoFindIT using voice activation - just ask it what you want.

Tell them where you are

GeoFindIT always knows where you are, and it lets you share your location easily with family and friends via Text, Messenger, Email, WhatsApp and other options.

You can really trust this app too because it has been developed using a combination of An Post’s on the ground knowledge of Irish addresses with Ordnance Survey Ireland’s precision technology. In addition, GeoFindIT holds information on Northern Ireland addresses which makes it an all-island solution you can trust.

Visit the App Store or Google Play today to get your free navigation app and make sure you stay within 5km and stay safe.

Get there first time with the FREE GeoFindIT app. GeoFindIT is now available on iPhone and Android devices.

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