GeoFindIT: More Places to Explore and More Fun to Have

How much do you know about the streets you stroll every day? Whatever your answer, prepare to get a little more familiar with your surrounds.

GeoDirectory have just completed an upgrade to their award-winning location app, GeoFindIT, giving you the chance to learn as you explore more and more places.

The upgrade includes the addition of some exciting new features to the free app. Among these are a tourist attraction feature to make popular sites unmissable, a Wikipedia integration giving visitors the background and history of the location and an in-app quiz to add a little fun to the day and test the user’s geographical knowledge of Ireland.
The quiz itself is a family favourite bringing out the competitive side in the littlest of people! It’s so easy to use and includes everything from parks and beaches to famous Irish pubs and monastic sites all through random selection. It’s up to the player to guess the location by pinpointing it on the map of Ireland. The best part is, that once the answer has been submitted, the user will be shown how they’ve performed and how well they know their geography! Not only are these enhancements the perfect way to brush up on your geography, they are educational in the most fun way possible.
To start exploring this wonderful island, download GeoFindIT for free on iOS and Android now.

Get there first time with the FREE GeoFindIT app. GeoFindIT is now available on iPhone and Android devices.

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