GeoDirectory Webinar Showcases Exciting New Products

At a recent webinar hosted by our very own CEO Dara Keogh, those present got the chance to hear all about the exciting new products and developments that have recently been launched by GeoDirectory. To watch the webinar back, please click here.

The first product that was discussed by Mr. Keogh was GeoNewBuild, a new service that provides customers with a monthly data file including new buildings addresses, buildings that have been geocoded for the first time and buildings which have been identified as no longer derelict. Not only will this product provide customers with instant access to the most up to date commercial or residential address information, but it will also include additional information such as business names and NACE codes, where applicable.

GeoNewBuild is currently the only source of new build data in Ireland and can give your business that all important edge over your competitors. This new monthly service is being run in conjunction with our existing quarterly update, as we strive to give our clients the maximum information available, in the shortest timeframe possible. So if your business is interested in targeting newly built homes and businesses across Ireland, find out more about how GeoNewBuild can help you explore new opportunities here.

The second exciting development discussed throughout the webinar was the launch of GeoBuilding Intel, a new product which provides the user with additional data on the buildings within our database, over and above the existing information we currently provide to customers in their GeoDirectory package. One of the key benefits of using this software is the user’s ability to now gain instant access to in-depth building data of any residential and commercial address in Ireland. From build year to building height, BER rating to sale price, this product will now help businesses plan and execute projects faster and more effectively.

A detailed explanation as to how GeoDirectory have managed to collate such information, was given by our CTO, Dominic Fahey, who also spoke at the webinar. The data within this product is updated twice a year and is contained in an easy to use excel file. So whether you’re looking to obtain building data throughout the country or simply seeking building information for a single county or province, this product can be completely tailored to your specific needs. 

If you'd like to learn more about how these exciting new products can help your business reach new heights and uncover opportunities throughout Ireland like never before, get in touch with us today.

To watch back the webinar, please click here.