GeoDirectory exhibiting at the Predict Conference

The GeoDirectory team are looking forward to attending and exhibiting at the Predict Data Conference taking place on 2nd October, RDS, Dublin.  More than 50 international and Irish speakers will speak on topics including Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing 4.0, Sport, Fintech / Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Data Science, Internet of Things, Health & Quantified Self.

The Predic Conference brings real-world examples of predictive analytics at work.  What was once confined to large corporations with the resources to crunch data on an industrial scale is now in the mainstream. Projects that were commissioned and then left on the shelf are now being successfully executed. And scare stories about robots replacing humans have evolved into nuanced conversations about augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence.

At the 2017 Conference sessions explored the social and business implications as well as the technical breakthroughs, suggesting that we’re at a watershed moment. There is a real sense that the era of AI is upon us and the good news is that it looks less like the dystopian nightmare portrayed in science fictions films and more like a natural next step for data science.

For more on the 2018 Predict Conference and to secure your ticket visit here

ps. Don't forget to come over and meet us at the GeoDirectory stand