GeoDirectory Conference Helps Businesses Reach New Frontiers

On Thursday 27th May, a thought-provoking and insightful line-up of speakers imparted their wealth of knowledge at the 2021 GeoDirectory Conference, as those present learned about the latest in Artificial Intelligence and how one small Irish start-up has gone on to hit the big time.

First up, Cillian Lehman of The Land Development Agency (LDA) gave an insight into the fantastic new project they would soon be launching – a comprehensive map of all State owned sites in the country. On this Cillian declared “It is the first ever public database of State owned lands. Up until now there had been no portfolio or public audit of State owned lands; the idea is that it will allow for better management of state owned assets (and) more transparency so everyone can see it”.  Cilllian also spoke about the LDA’s efforts to bring to fruition the building of many new houses on state lands.

Dr. Sarah Bourke of Skytek followed and spoke about the important role satellite technology is playing in helping companies more accurately plan for the future. From enabling scientists to better track the rate of climate change, to enabling boats to keep in contact with those on dry land no matter what part of the ocean they are in, imaging from space is playing a key role in how planet Earth will evolve into the future.

Dr. Bourke spoke about the overall benefits Skytek’s software can bring to companies stating “this enables companies to not only monitor their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)  compliance for themselves, but also their clients’ ESG compliance”. The Skytek Chief Executive then gave some fascinating examples of the company’s software in action.

Dominic Fahey of GeoDirectory provided an overview of the various products and services offered by GeoDirectory (which can also be found here), Dominic then spoke about some new products in the pipeline, that have already created a buzz amongst our existing clients. If you missed the updates but are interested in catching up, view the recording of the Conference here.  

In 2008 two men from Co. Louth, Alan Clarke and Se├ín O’ Connor hatched an idea that they thought would be a game changer in the sports world, and how right they were! Today STATSports counts some of the biggest names in Football and Rugby among its vast array of clients using their software and technological kit to help them get that vital edge over their opponents on and off the pitch.

Speaking at the conference, Anne McAreavy, Head of Client Services at STATSports talked about the benefits of their products to sports teams: “That little pod collects over 5 million data points in a typical training session or match. We are the most accurate wearable in the world, with over 120 Peer Reviewed Papers and growing”. In her fascinating presentation Anne gave an insight as to how the company’s hardware works, enabling clients to get that edge, both on and off the pitch.

The area of Artificial Intelligence is one which excites many of us as we contemplate what the future might look like. With this is mind the renowned Trinity College Lecturer in Computer Sciences, Dr. Luca Longo was last to present and gave an interesting overview of the origins of AI and what the future of this technology might hold.

Speaking about one of the main components of AI, Dr. Longo said “Artificial Intelligence can be sought using a cognitive approach; we are at the centre of this world (with) our human thoughts and we can capture our thought as it happens in real time. And that is why we say Artificial Intelligence is connected to Cognitive Science”.

As the conference due to a close, organiser and GeoDirectory CEO, Dara Keogh, spoke about the key insights he had gleaned from the various speakers. He invited anyone who wanted to learn more about GeoDirectory’s products and services to get in touch, where a personal demonstration of the cutting edge technology that can help your business grow can be arranged.  

Watch the GeoDirectory Conference 2021 by clicking here.