GeoDirectory’s latest webinar offers real data solutions to grow your business

June 29th 2020
GeoDirectory were delighted to host an insightful webinar on Thursday morning to a large audience on the subject of ‘data mistakes you didn’t know you were making and how to fix them’.
Head of Growth for GeoDirectory, Steve Grover hosted the event which was presented by company CEO, Dara Keogh.  
Dara began by reinforcing the fact that ‘data is king’ and why it is essential that we have clean data. But before launching into common data errors Dara discussed the issue of ‘interference’, that is, when any two people communicate, there is what is called interference in communication, and an assumption that each party has been heard and has understood what was said. Interference is often over-looked but other more obvious errors explained are spelling mistakes, redundant or irrelevant data, duplications, syntax errors, multiple representations of the same thing and a lack of uniformity.
As part of the solution to these issues, Dara identified 7 Golden Rules of Data before taking us through a demonstration on how to use GeoDirectory’s easy to use, 3 step address cleansing service, AddressFix. Anyone attending the webinar was then given a 15% discount to try the service for themselves.
Dara was later joined by Mark Nunns, Chief Sales Officer of Ambiental Environmental Assessment
who gave a very practical insight into how his he uses AddressFix in his rapidly growing international organisation. Besides cleansing data, Mark explained the huge benefits to having add on services such as geo co-ordinates, Eircodes and small area ID’s. One such benefit of the data is the ability to accurately assess flood risk on any given location.
The last part of the webinar focused on GeoDirectory’s latest data service offering, GeoAddress Checked. This is an API (Application Programming Interface) and once installed on your company’s website or CRM system it prompts customers or staff with address options as they start to type, ensuring correctly formatted and accurate address information is entered in your system. GeoDirectory kindly offered attendees a discount on a GeoAddress Checked trial too.
To round off the webinar, Dara gave an overview of the eCommerce site ( the company will be launching later this summer with lots of extra benefits and data available to clients. He hinted that it might actually be the topic of their next webinar so stayed tuned to GeoDirectory’s social media platforms for more on that. webinar