Webinar: Sharing Spatial Data on the Web


Sharing Spatial Data on the Web: Some Pointers from the work of the W3C/OGC Spatial Data on the Web Working Group

This insightful webinar was presented by Ed Parsons,Google's Geospatial Information Technologist. For the last few decades time and effort has been spent publishing geospatial information via regional, national and international portals following the principles of developing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs). At the same time we have also witnessed a parallel and largely independent explosion in the use of geospatial information in mainstream web and mobile applications.

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Webinar Content

The joint W3C and OGC Working Group worked for three years to bring these two communities together and develop a shared methodology for making geospatial information both accessible and useful to the broader web community. In the webinar Ed will provide some background regarding the Working Group, highlight some of the main findings and will suggest both strategic and direct practical every-day ways in which the geospatial community can take the work of the Working Group forward.

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Background to Presenter

Ed Parsons is the Geospatial Technologist at Google, with responsibility for evangelising Google’s mission to organise the world’s information using geography. In this role he maintains links with Governments, Universities, Research and Standards Organisations around the world which are involved in the development of Geospatial Technology.

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