Webinar: Data Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making And How To Fix Them


Large brands have the resources to quickly recognise the need for data technology to stay ahead of the game. Bord GaisTescoDaft and Siro and many others have integrated data tools into their organisations for fear of being left behind.
But the big mistake by small to medium businesses is in believing these resources aren’t available to them. Nobody knows this better than Sam Roberts from the Dolly Parton Foundation who recently told us how used data to grow his the organisation. Sam Robert Interview
Sam was unable to attend our webinar this morning due to his location and a 9 hour time difference. However, our CEO Dara Keogh, walked attendees through common data errors we see on a regular basis that are having a significant impact in the wrong way on business. Fortunately, Dara also provided solutions to these issues.

The webinar covered:

  • The 7 most common dataset errors

  • How you can ensure your data is accurate and ready to work

  • How you can use data to improve your customer experience with your online business

  • How data tools can lead to a more efficient organisation

Dara was joined by client Mark Nunns, Chief Sales Officer at Ambiental. Ambiental Environmental Assessment supports the growing UK development industry with their flood risk assessment needs including SuDS design, civil engineering, ecology, and a range of business due diligence reports. It was very interesting to hear about their work with the Finance Sector primarily and how they are moving into the Utilities and Government Sector. Mark spoke about how their use of data in the Irish market with an insurance customer, and the benefits of adding geo co-ordinates to help them assess risk accurately on any given location. Adding Eircodes and Small Areas ID has been very important for Ambiental’s internal systems too.
For the full webinar and avail of the discounts on offer listen here.