Top 7 Alternative Netflix Picks

Posted: 14/05/2020 14:55:39

As we all know, the regular excitement of TV has been lost due to the long hours we sit in front of it during this lockdown. Most of us have watched all the recommended popular shows on Netflix – whether out of interest or purely to be able to keep up with online or social messages with friends and family!! We have gathered a list of our favourite alternatives to bring that spark back to the cosy evenings at the telly!

  1. The Last Kingdom | Netflix Official SiteThe Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a Netflix original series that was described as a cross between History’s Vikings and Game of Thrones. We know most of you have binge watched the latter so this might be right up your street! The series tracks the journey of an English lord, Uhtred, as he tries to claim his throne as the king he was destined to be. The lord, born in Saxon but brought up by Vikings has his allegiances tested as Viking forces invade Britain. Starring Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox and David Dawson, The Last Kingdom is a series you should be watching!

  1. Stranger thingsStranger Things | Netflix Official Site

Stranger Things is another gripping Netflix original series set in the 1980’s. A young boy vanishes with no trace leaving friends, family and local authorities on a hunt to find him. During the search they are led to discover an extraordinary mystery of top-secret government experiments and many other surprises! This might have been a show you flicked past before but we highly recommend you give it a watch!

  1. Locke and KeyLocke & Key

Locke and Key is a short and enjoyable watch that you don’t need to invest too much into (we’re basically saying it’s a good one to watch if you’re flicking through your phone at the same time!). This drama series is based on the original comic book of which three relatives realise they have magical powers after returning to their family house. Starring Darby Stanchfield, Conor Jessup, Emilia Jones and many others, this is a recent nugget on Netflix as it was only premiered on the site in February of this year.

  1. Grace and FrankieGrace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie has become a GeoDirectory favourite! This comedy series gets better by the season in a heart-warming, character driven way that is full of humour and fun that leaves you wanting more! Grace and Frankie are two rivals, married to Robert and Sol who are successful divorce lawyers. The plot thickens when Robert and Sol announce they have fallen in love with each other and are separating from their wives in order to tie the knot!

  1. Schitts CreekSchitt's Creek: All the details on season six of Netflix comedy ...

This 6 season Canadian comedy is warm and witty and will leave you belly laughing. Schitts Creek is based on a wealthy family that lose their fortune and are forced to move to a small town they previously owned. The once billionaire, Johnny Rose, struggles to adjust to life without money whilst living every so comfortably in a motel with his wife and kids. Looking for an easy watch full of laughs? Look no further!

  1. The CodeThe Code (2011) on Netflix USA | Simulation hypothesis ...

While this political thriller doesn’t scream billions of dollars in budget, it is thoroughly engaging. The storyline is based on two brothers, one of whom is a computer whiz kid and the other a journalist. While investigating a deadly car crash they get involved in cracking a national conspiracy. It is definitely a ‘binge watch’ type of series so we recommend you start early as you won’t be able to stop!

  1. UndercoverUndercover | Netflix Official Site

Based on true events, Undercover is a crime-drama series exploiting the natural beauty of Western Europe against the ugliness of its status as the world’s ecstasy capital. The plot becomes more and more realistic as two undercover officers try to infiltrate the drug cartel. While we have seen this storyline hundreds of times before, this series overcomes genre clich├ęs and will have you hooked!
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