Space podcasts we love

Posted: 01/05/2020 15:17:33

Space podcasts are becoming more and more popular.
Here are three of our favourite space podcasts available on the internet today.

  1. ’13 minutes to the moon – part 1’

This podcast delves into the details of man’s first landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in July 1969. It tells the story of the last 13 minutes of the descent to the moon and used what happens in those last 13 minutes to explain the story, people and challenges that they had to overcome. It uses actual voice recordings of all main individuals involved and in episode 11, we simply hear the last 13 minutes of the descent and landing on the moon. After listening to the previous episodes, you have gained a greater understanding of what was happening. Even after all of this time it makes hearing this recording unbelievably nerve racking and exciting!
  1. ’13 minutes to the moon – part 2’

This podcast follows Apollo 13 and its doomed journey to land on the moon. If you have any doubts and/or suspicions about the number 13 they will all be confirmed by the first episode of this thrilling podcast. An event that happened 50 years ago this year, 250,000 miles from Earth that left the crew of Apollo 13 with 2 days power for a five day journey and no navigation system, heat, food, water and of course, oxygen and filtration systems that were over capacity and not functioning properly – no problem for NASA!
  1. ‘How we measure the universe’

On a slightly different note, but very much space related, if you would like to understand how we measure our ever expanding universe in a fun way you must listen to ‘How we measure the universe’ on The Infinite Monkey podcast which first broadcast on the 11th February 2019. Be warned, you will learn of some extraordinary women collectively called "The Harvard Computers" and sadly due to prevailing attitudes at the time, they are only beginning to be recognised for the ground breaking work that they did. Another great listen!

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