5 things to do at home this May Bank Holiday weekend

Posted: 01/05/2020 10:47:28

Even though we’re at home all the time now we’re still really looking forward to the long weekend. And while the weather forecast is a little mixed we’ll get our walks in when we can. But we’ve had a think about what else we can do to keep ourselves entertained this weekend and here’s our top 5 recommendations:
  1. Friday 1st May is Space Day and in celebration of all things space why not have a Star Wars themed weekend at home. Three days binging on 9 of the greatest movies ever made, that’s heavenly! These include A New Hope, the Return of the Jedi, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and our personal favourite all the way from way back in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back. The real reason we love this idea is because the Star Wars series is one that spans generations so you can enjoy these epic movies with the whole family.
  1. Speaking of epic, we highly recommend a virtual tour of one of Dublin’s newest museums, the Irish emigration museum ‘EPIC’. Hugely educational and interactive, you and your family can discover why 10 million people left Ireland and what impact and influence they had on every corner of the world. There are lots of really interesting stories throughout the #MuseumFromHome tour. Navigation is easy, just touch or click various points around the space as you would if using Google Maps and Street View. There are coloured pins that reveal stories, with videos and audio descriptions, images and links to articles for further reading. And if you want to pretend you are actually there, click on the 3D model button in the bottom left hand side of the screen. This could literally captivate you for hours!
  1. This is about “me” time and while it might sound boring these days, getting stuck into a good book is one of the nicest, most relaxing things you could do this weekend. We advise putting a couple of hours aside for this during the day for you and for your kids. Reading is wonderful for developing children’s imagination, and even better for your head space.If you have a Kindle, you have all the books you could want at your fingertips without stepping outside your front door. If you don’t, why not download the app ‘Audible’ let someone else read the story to you. You can also listen to podcasts on any topic you like here too.
  1. ‘If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain'. We’re not really talking about mountains here, we’re talking beauty treatments. A little time pampering yourself at home this weekend will do you the world of good. While you may not get your usual treatment products, all the supermarkets are stocked with good cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliators and facemasks for all skin types and all desired outcomes. And to make sure you’re doing it right, watch a You Tube, Instagram or Facebook tutorial from any number of beauty gurus out there who will talk you through the process step by step. But for absolute maximum enjoyment, our recommendation is that you go to a quiet room, light a candle, steep your feet in warm water and play some soft music in the background as you work through your facial treatment.
  1. Have a social distancing chat with your neighbour. It’s important to remember we’re not in this alone and to reach out to those around us to support and be supported. Taking a chair and a coffee or a glass of wine out to your front door or garden to talk to your neighbour is a really healthy, sociable thing to do. We all need each other and we need social contact and it can be achieved safely while adhering to government guidelines. So don’t be afraid to be the one to make the suggestion, your neighbour will likely thank you for it.


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